Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wearable Technology

In the recent years, wearable technology has advanced and become more commercialized than ever before. Naturally, students have access and own wearable technology like Fitbits or Apple Watches.
What is wearable technology?

  • Lightweight, portable technology that can be worn. 
  • Examples include fitness-tracking devices like Fitbits or Nike. 
  • Virtual reality simulations like Oculus Rift 
  • Smartwatches that connect to smart phones like Apple Watches or Android Wear.
  • Smart glasses like Google Glasses.
  • Even headphones are an example of wearable technology!

How can you, as a teacher, incorporate these useful pieces of tech into your classroom? 

  • Headphones 
    • Headphones are an easy piece of wearable technology to incorporate! 
    • Some teachers allow students to listen to music through headphones while taking tests. This allows students to relax and perform more comfortably. 
    • Other teachers allow students to use headphones during individual time during the classroom. For example, if students are working on homework or doing research, why not listen to music or watch videos?
  • Smartwatches 
    • There are so many ways to use smartwatches in the classroom! Because this is the newest trend in technology, you need to get brainstorming on how to use this technology. 
    • Let's say there is a student on the other side of the building that has a math question. They could spending 5-10 minutes walking to you, or you could Facetime them through the Apple Watch.
    • You could track attendance with a smartwatch or take digital notes on the move.
    • Use the built-in calculator to help with math or science problems!
  • Virtual reality simulations 
    • If you have access to this wearable technology, you can transport students to a 3D world. 
    • Why read books about England when you can travel there through devices like Oculus?
    • Locations include oceans, hazardous areas, war zones  
  • Fitness-tracking devices
    • For health teachers, this is an very exciting trend among students. Almost all student have some sort of fitness-tracking devices. 
    • Set individual goals for students to meet!
    • Graph progress!
    • Make classroom competitions!
    • The possibilities are endless!

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