Sunday, November 6, 2016

SMART Boards in the Classroom

One great way to incorporate technology in the classroom is through a digital, interactive whiteboard. SMART boards give teachers many advantages.

1. Flexibility
SMART boards allow teachers to have flexibility while teaching. Boards can display pictures, games, and videos easily. If a student asks a question about a specific topic, a teacher can quickly look up examples to show their class. SMART boards also give teachers the flexibility to take notes and draw pictures to help their students better understand concepts. 

2. Going Green
Interactive white boards reduce the amount of papers in classrooms, which helps schools go green. Teachers can put pictures, stories, questions, and other materials on the board instead of printing off those sources.

3. Integration of Technology  
The video above is a great example of a teacher incorporating her SMART board and technology into the learning in her classroom. Her students play interactive games involving the periodic table and states of matter. SMART boards also allow teachers to save the notes that they use in the classroom. Pretty neat!

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